Friday, January 29, 2016

Stenciled Polymer Clay Jewelry and A Polymer Clay Project

I totally forgot to post my stenciled polymer clay creations that were inspired by Iris Mishly's free YouTube video on faux silk screening on polymer clay using stencils. I took them to my guild so I could show how I made my creations using stencils. So here they are in this collage:

I don't think that I am done playing around with stencils. I still think there is more to this technique and I plan on experimenting with it a little further. I even used part of this technique for a project that I have been working on this past week. I volunteered to decorate a letter for my little town of Surprise community. This letter is part of a signage that is going up in front of a small gallery at our city hall. I chose the letter "T" to decorate with polymer clay and since I love mosaic themes, I decided to do this letter in that theme.

Can you pick out some of the details? I used the new Scupley Opal clay, faux turquoise, canework, brass and copper pieces. I also used some polymer clay techniques like Mokume Gane and polymer clay stenciling. I embossed the round copper piece and applied some ink to it and with the small square brass tiles I added a little of the Gilder's paste. This project lasted about a week in between watching my grandkids this past week and running errands. Lately this grandma has been busy with both sets of grandkids but I don't mind...I love it! At least I can get in some of my walking steps in too!  I have started to walk about 4.5 miles a day (4-5 times a week) in hopes of losing some of the weight I gained over that past 6 months.

Well thanks for stopping by to see some of my creations! Have a super weekend!!