Friday, March 18, 2016

A Fish Swap

I must say it has been awhile yet again...getting to be a regular thing with me these days. Well, I have been busy on making polymer clay creations, but there is just not enough time to blog about them unfortunately.

I recently participated in a fish swap hosted by the International Polymer Clay Swaps on Facebook. My partner was the wonderful Heather MacDougall D'Entremont. She is always such a generous partner. Here is what she sent me:

A lovely fish portrait with stand, a PC bead,
as well as some beads for my grandchildren to string.

I really love what Heather sent me and I know my grandchildren will love these beads. Now to come up with an idea for that wonderful bead she sent me. I love participating in swaps because it is like Christmas all over again! 

This is what I sent Heather: 

"Fish" window decor, fish earrings, 
and a small fish tile.

I am so glad that she loved the fish window decor. I used Kroma Crackle on paint, an eye cane for the eye of the fish, and I used translucent clay and applied some inks to tint the clay for the midsection of fish. I had these glass marbles and I hung one at the bottom of the fins with a regular fishing barrel swivel. For the earrings I used pan pastels and stencils. I had fun making this swap and I usually don't go for fish! 

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by to see my creations!