Thursday, May 14, 2015

Polymer Clay Beads Part 2

Well, I think I am pretty much ready for my demonstration on making polymer clay beads out of scrap clay (for Beads of Courage) which I will be doing this weekend at our guild meeting. For this week challenges (Week #19 of the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge), I made Alice Stroppel's famous scrap canes #1 and #2 (spiral) and Marie Segal's African Trade Style Beads. I made an attempt at creating a Chevron Cane (Desiree's Desired Creations), but I don't think I chose my colors wisely. Something to think about when you are deciding on the colors for the Chevron Cane: whatever color you decide on for the middle of the cane and the outer will be the color that shows the most once you are done with the cane. I chose yellow and I think I should have gone with red. As you can see from these photos, the yellow was a bit too much and there is not enough contrast. But, I can still use the cane for beads because the 12-point flower looks awesome on beads!

12-point flower for the Chevron cane

My first Chevron Cane beads which were
not the greatest but I sure love the 12-pt
flower for making polymer clay beads.

The next set of photos are my scrap canes (Alice Stroppel's scrap canes #1 & #2).

And here are my examples of the African Trade style beads (Marie Segal's African Trade bead PC Tutorial).

I really love these African Trade Beads out of polymer clay. I must try coming up with different colors next time for canes so I can make more of these.

As you can see it has been a busy week for me, plus my kitchen and bathroom are getting new flooring this week which I am having to work around the construction. Looks like it will be going on through next week! 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!


  1. love these for beads of courage!!! Love your red, yellow - blue cane!!!

  2. Oh how fun! I hope you share lots of pics after the meeting, Lupe :)