Saturday, May 2, 2015

Bangles and Mica Shift

I recently ordered a tutorial from CraftArtEdu (Mica Magic-Triangle Bangle with Carol Blackburn).  This triangular bangle is almost the same shape bangle that I made using Bettina Welker's Bangle Bracelets Book (see previous posts) and it has become my favorite shape for a bangle.  This week, I got around to playing with the tutorial, though I changed it up a little. Carol incorporated the mica shift throughout the cuff. I used the mica shift to enhance my cuff while adding other details to the cuff. I started with a base bangle which was a mixture of Ultralight clay and scrap clay.

Base bangle

Mica Shift in silver polymer clay and Faux Shell

Opposite side of bangle

Closeup view of the Faux Shell and Mica Shift

Mica Shift in Copper and left over polymer clay sheet
 from a previous project (matching front and back)

Closeup of Mica Shift and polymer clay sheet 
(Polymer clay sheet: inks, translucent, paints
and embossing powders) 

These two bangles are my challenges for Week #17 in the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge.  I can't decide which one is my them both! Now it is time to give my arms and hands a rest. These bangles required quite a bit of sanding and buffing but I sure love the results!! 

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!!

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