Saturday, April 18, 2015

Extruded Polymer Clay Flowers and Tear Drop Pendants

A little late in posting my creations for Week #15 of the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge but there was a good reason. I have been working on buttons this week for an international button swap on Facebook (will post pictures of those on a later date). I even went over a my friend's studio to borrow some of her button molds. My friend Bonnie Kreger (Bonnie's Kreative Korner) is a sweet and generous person and a clay buddy of mine. I am blessed to have her as a friend!  It was a fun clay day. I got some buttons done and my clay buddies worked on flower extruded canes. I came across a wonderful flower tutorial using a polymer clay extruder (click here for the link). I finally got around to making mine on Thursday.  Here are some of my clay colors that I came up with using Pantone colors.

Extruded flower canes

My next step was to figure out how I could use them in a polymer clay piece. I made some beads and pendants with these wonderful flower canes. I also used my tear drop cutters to make my pendants. First, I took some scrap clay canes and basically mixed them in with Skinner blends. I rolled them into a "snake" and shaped it into a tear drop shape and used my cutters to cut the shapes out. 

Sanded and slightly buffed for a matte finish

I love the shape of these pendants. It was not my initial thought for a shape but it came together creatively. Since it started out with clay rolled into a "snake" shape, I decided my next step was a focal piece with one of the "snakes" using my extruded polymer clay flowers. I love how this piece came together. I am definitely making some more of these boomerang shape focal them! I typically sand and buff my polymer clay pieces for a high gloss finish but this time a matte finish was the way to go for all these polymer clay creations.

Polymer Clay focal piece and flower beads
Sanded and buffed for a matte finish

Thank you for stopping by and looking at my creations for this week! Have an awesome weekend! 

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