Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2015 Polymer Clay Challenge Recap

Just taking a little break before moving on to my next challenge...what will it be? Sometimes, I don't get around to it until Wednesday or Thursday in deciding what is next on my work table. There are so many techniques in polymer clay...not enough days for all the things that I want to try out! I guess, I should try to come up with some sort of checklist that has a list of my personal goals or challenges but I am afraid that is not me. My creative mood changes from week to week. Sometimes, I get up early in the morning racing with ideas and other times, I sit playing around with the clay, trying to figure out what I want to create. I am hoping other artists go through this same dilemma, otherwise I have yet to achieve the true status of an artist...sometimes I struggle with that. I have been working with polymer clay for about 7 years now going on 8. I know for a fact that there is still much to learn in the polymer clay community.

I must say that this 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge (#2015PCChallenge) hosted by Kater's Acres is really pushing me as an artist. Sometimes it is a struggle and other times it comes quite easy. So far I have been timely plus or minus a day off in posting. I haven't missed a week yet, knock on wood! My goal was to create one thing each week for this challenge. Sometimes I surprise myself and have more than one thing a week to share on my blog. Soon there will be summer vacations coming up and I am hoping that I will continue to keep up.

I am a perfectionist at heart, so I like completing projects. If I design a pendant, it is not completed until it is hanging from a cording or chain. I have to tell myself, a pendant is good, it is something completed. Just like polymer clay beads, they don't necessarily need to be strung right away. Oh, the ups and downs of an artist.

Well, that is all I am going to vent today. Here is a recap of all the creations that I have made so far in this challenge. It is great to see them all together in this collage...hoping I didn't miss any in this photo. I am proud of myself for completing the challenges so far.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Stuck on Blue

This week's work was finishing up my buttons for the International Button Swap on Facebook. Glad those are done are mailed off! I promise to show pictures of the buttons I made and will take photos of the ones that I receive.
I don't know what my fascination with blue is, but I always seem to gravitate to that color, though I am glad that I am making some creations in blue because I promised a friend that I would create a necklace in that color for her. Happy that she can pick from two of my past creations!
This would be my Week #16 of the 2015 PC Challenge. There are so many talented artists in the polymer clay community. I am just in awe of the recent work coming out in polymer clay. I recently made friends on Facebook with the lovely Joe Patouille. I just love her work!! She is so generous and shares some of her polymer clay techniques on Facebook. You can click here to view all her beautiful work on Flickr. She recently shared her technique using inks, embossing powders, and paints, as well as these delightful shapes for pendants. If you go to her Flickr page you will see these "spear" looking shape pendants which are wrapped with wire. I followed her photo tutorial but did not add the wire. My wire kept sliding and I figured that I should have had left a little more room on the top for that. Next time I will add the wire...I do so love the combination of wire and polymer clay. Also, my pendants are more teardrop and are a little rounder in shape.

Buna cording, silver plated beads, 
blue coral nugget beads, and seed beads.

Up close you can see the embossing powders and paints.
I also added a little glitter. 

Square polymer clay cab using that same sheet.

This technique was fun and I plan to do more of these wonderful pendants using Joe's techniques! If you get a chance, just browse through her Flickr. Joe also creates some beautiful collar necklaces. She is definitely an inspiration! 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Extruded Polymer Clay Flowers and Tear Drop Pendants

A little late in posting my creations for Week #15 of the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge but there was a good reason. I have been working on buttons this week for an international button swap on Facebook (will post pictures of those on a later date). I even went over a my friend's studio to borrow some of her button molds. My friend Bonnie Kreger (Bonnie's Kreative Korner) is a sweet and generous person and a clay buddy of mine. I am blessed to have her as a friend!  It was a fun clay day. I got some buttons done and my clay buddies worked on flower extruded canes. I came across a wonderful flower tutorial using a polymer clay extruder (click here for the link). I finally got around to making mine on Thursday.  Here are some of my clay colors that I came up with using Pantone colors.

Extruded flower canes

My next step was to figure out how I could use them in a polymer clay piece. I made some beads and pendants with these wonderful flower canes. I also used my tear drop cutters to make my pendants. First, I took some scrap clay canes and basically mixed them in with Skinner blends. I rolled them into a "snake" and shaped it into a tear drop shape and used my cutters to cut the shapes out. 

Sanded and slightly buffed for a matte finish

I love the shape of these pendants. It was not my initial thought for a shape but it came together creatively. Since it started out with clay rolled into a "snake" shape, I decided my next step was a focal piece with one of the "snakes" using my extruded polymer clay flowers. I love how this piece came together. I am definitely making some more of these boomerang shape focal pieces...love them! I typically sand and buff my polymer clay pieces for a high gloss finish but this time a matte finish was the way to go for all these polymer clay creations.

Polymer Clay focal piece and flower beads
Sanded and buffed for a matte finish

Thank you for stopping by and looking at my creations for this week! Have an awesome weekend! 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Serene Blue

Blue is one of my favorite colors to use when working with polymer clay. The color blue is restful, soothing, and serene which is probably why many people head to the ocean beaches. I love playing with color especially when it comes to polymer clay. I also have a great reference guide to color mixing, Pantone Guide to Communicating with Color by Leatrice Eiseman. So many great color palettes in this book. Design Seeds is another great resource as well.

This week I played around with Pantone 534, 634, and silver. I also added a little silver to white to get an off-white which I used for the base (link for the Pantone Color Chart, click here). I used Barbara McGuire's Shape Stamps (Boomarang Shape) for designing the shape of this necklace which was done using the Mokume Gane technique. The following creations are my Week #14 of the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge.

I also used Barbara McGuire's Shields Shape Stamps
for creating the matching earrings.

Well, I am off to to create some buttons for a swap...see you later! 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Polymer Clay Covered Eggs

What great timing, just in time for Easter...polymer clay covered eggs! I was fortunate to take a class with Meg Newberg from Polymer Clay Workshop. Meg also offers some great cane tutorials through a subscription on Cane Builder which is a part of her Polymer Clay Workshop. You can also find Meg Newberg on YouTube.  Meg lives in Tucson, so our guild invited her to come up and teach us a few things on cane building and covering eggs with polymer clay. Meg is a great instructor and very helpful too!  This was my first egg which I created in Meg's class.

Egg was sanded and buffed

This past week I covered two more eggs and made some canes using Meg's tutorial. These are my challenges for Week #13 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge.

Flower petals, butterfly wings, 
and Meg's special polymer clay gold blend.

One side of the eggs

The other side of the eggs.
One egg is textured and the other is sanded and buffed.
The dragon fly cane is a cane that I made in another class.

These eggs were fun to make. I have covered plastic eggs but this was my first time with real eggs. I did smash a two of my eggs as I was covering them with polymer clay. I think I was trying to rush the last one so I could post my challenge for the week. Oh well, glad I had some extra eggs on hand. 

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter and Passover! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!