Friday, March 27, 2015

Polymer Clay Crosses

I happen to love crosses so it was an easy pick for this week's #12 of the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge, since Easter is just right around the corner.  I am always looking for creative ways in which I can use polymer clay for designing cross pendants. So, I took out some of my awesome cross stamps, my button molds, cross molds, and some digital images of crosses to see what I could come up with and here is what I created this week! Amazing what you can do with stamps, button and cross molds, paint, pan pastels, Gilder's paste, and alcohol inks! Again, which is why I love working with polymer clay!

Button mold and Penni Jo's Flexible Cross Mold,
mica powders and faux pearl clay tiny tiles

Button molds and same cross mold using scrap clay,
pan pastels and Gilder's paste

Cross stamp and button mold...pan pastels, mica powders, 
and alcohol inks
reminds me of Latin-style crosses

Cross stamps, tiny turquoise cab, paint, 
Gilder's paste, and Magic Glos

Cross stamp, cross digital image, pan pastels, and mica powders
 (Magic Glos on the centerpiece cross)

Side by side comparisons...same cross mold and technique

Side by side comparison...same stamp

I have to say that the mosaic-looking top two happen to be my favorite. I am thinking that I need to make more of these! Which cross is your favorite? Now to put bails on these pendants so they are ready to be worn! 

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day! 


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