Friday, March 27, 2015

Polymer Clay Crosses

I happen to love crosses so it was an easy pick for this week's #12 of the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge, since Easter is just right around the corner.  I am always looking for creative ways in which I can use polymer clay for designing cross pendants. So, I took out some of my awesome cross stamps, my button molds, cross molds, and some digital images of crosses to see what I could come up with and here is what I created this week! Amazing what you can do with stamps, button and cross molds, paint, pan pastels, Gilder's paste, and alcohol inks! Again, which is why I love working with polymer clay!

Button mold and Penni Jo's Flexible Cross Mold,
mica powders and faux pearl clay tiny tiles

Button molds and same cross mold using scrap clay,
pan pastels and Gilder's paste

Cross stamp and button mold...pan pastels, mica powders, 
and alcohol inks
reminds me of Latin-style crosses

Cross stamps, tiny turquoise cab, paint, 
Gilder's paste, and Magic Glos

Cross stamp, cross digital image, pan pastels, and mica powders
 (Magic Glos on the centerpiece cross)

Side by side comparisons...same cross mold and technique

Side by side comparison...same stamp

I have to say that the mosaic-looking top two happen to be my favorite. I am thinking that I need to make more of these! Which cross is your favorite? Now to put bails on these pendants so they are ready to be worn! 

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day! 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Fun Shaped Bangle

This is the first time I made something big. I usually go for smaller items. I guess I can never think big. This past month I have been looking at other shape forms for bracelets. Bettina Welker's book on Polymer Clay Bracelets sure gave me some ideas! Though I will say, this week was a bust for getting things completed. And the bracelets that I worked on had some problems...cracks. Usually, my projects come along nicely but this week, I felt a little rushed and out of sorts. I am blaming it on sinus problems. I guess, I am entitled to those weeks, perhaps my brain needs a rest. Though, I did come away with one bracelet that I was happy with. I thought I would show both sides of the bangle. I love the shape and for my base I used one half ultralight clay and one half scrap clay so it is not too heavy. One thing I will need to remember is to keep my outer layer thin. There is still much to learn on making bangles and I am not giving up! And this bangle slides on my wrist with no problems...I have huge wrists for a gal.

Base Bangle

This week I also got together with my friend, Bonnie Kreger (Bonnie's Kreative Korner) and showed her how to weave little purses. We got together with some other polymer clay friends and shared the fun! I am hoping her hubby doesn't get mad me because I do believe I created a monster! She is way ahead of me when it comes to yarn stash and she is buying yarn left and right. I can hardly wait to see her first completed handwoven bag and the colors of her bag are gorgeous!  This bag is another one that I am working on. Now I just have to make beads to go with it.  I think it is a little out of focus though or my eyes are tired.

Well, time to clean up my studio and take a nice break this the grandchildren and possibly BBQ. I also have a guild meeting this weekend. We are learning how to make small flower charms for a bracelet. Should be fun!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Small Woven Bags and Some Natasha Jungle-Style Pendants week turned out to be two weeks of woven bags! These small woven bags are quite addictive especially when you can create your own buttons and beads to go with them...the possibilities are endless!! First I want to thank my PC buddy, Pat Sernyk from Fish Wife Tales Blogpost.  She showed me how to make them at one of our guild meetings. She creates some beautiful small woven bags as well as some other beautiful polymer clay creations! Here is a picture of one her small woven bags from one of her posts.

She came across the directions for this bag from an article from Belle Armoire (Winter 2002). Since then I have come across other tutorials as well off the web. One was for a seamless woven bag which I intend to try out as well.  Here is my first woven bag that I made:  (Week #9 of the 2015 PC Challenge)

Beads I made to go with my woven bags.

For my second bag I got a little daring and tried some some different weaving techniques (this was after I researched weaving on the web) on my second bag.

 I added a Rya weave on this bag.
Click here to see a video on Rya weaving.

I had so much fun hand weaving these bags that I am now interested in a regular loom but I wouldn't know where to put it now that I have a smaller home. Hopefully this weekend, I will try making the seamless woven bag (Click here for directions on a Seamless Woven Bag). Susan's blog also has some photos of different seamless woven bags: click here to view them. The directions are quite similar to the seamless woven bag only that you don't make slits or cuts on your handmade cardboard loom...the yarns just loop around the edge of board. You stop a few inches before you get to the top, cut the threads and tie off cut threads two by two. Plus, this seamless woven bag has a drawstring added to the bag. Pretty simple either way you go. 

On to my current challenge of this week: a cane which I was not that thrilled about turned into Natasha Beads, more like cabs for pendants. Here are a few YouTube videos on how to make them: Polymer Clay Tutor  and Polymer Clay Studio Course. Basically, it is taking left-over clay and mushing them and twisting them together, then slicing that piece of clay down the middle. When you slice that piece of clay, you turn them in on their sides and you end up with mirror images that you align together. A great way to use up scrap clay or old canes. Most people mold the clay piece into a rectangle shape so it is easy to align the sides together. I like shaping them into either squares or ovals. This time around I made cabachons out of my Natasha beads...a little tricky but can be done. I made these Natasha cabs and created some "jungle-style" pendants...the name I am calling them because of the striking colors and designs. These pendants are being submitted for my week #10 for KatersAcres 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge.

I even made matching bails for two of my pendants!

Looks pretty good with my peasant blouse! 

Wow...what a busy two weeks this has been which is why I am late in posting! This is what happens when you start off with a cane that was intended for beads for woven bags (but you change your mind) and you get sidetracked with making Natasha Beads. It is always a win-win situation working with polymer clay! 

Thanks for stopping by to see some of my creations...have a great day!