Thursday, February 19, 2015

Radial Symmetry and Ultralight Polymer Clay

Sculpey UltraLight polymer clay is so versatile just like regular clay but it is so lightweight that you can use it for large beads, molds, and impressions. It comes in 8 oz. bags and is super fluffy like marshmallows but becomes hard after you bake it. You still need to condition it a little but you don't need a pasta machine to condition it which makes it so much easier to work with.

Barbara McGuire has come up with some Radial Marking Stamps for those of us who have problems locating the center of circle or love radial symmetry. She has radial marking stamps with various divisions ranging from 9 through 14 (Peace of the Pie Radial Marking Stamp) which is the one that I bought from her store...what a great tool! She has an Etsy store (Altered Art Source) as well as a Yahoo here to get to her Yahoo store. Barbara was generous...she posted a YouTube video on using her Radial Marking Stamps. You can click here to view the video using her Radial Marking Stamps...and click here for the video with the UltraLight polymer clay where she was as a guest instructor on Jewelry Television (Jewel School with Kim and Sheree 1/26/15).

For my first try, I made these pendants. I used mica powders, paint, and the PanPastels. This was my first time using the PanPastels and they come in array of colors. I could not remember if I had to use the PanPastels before baking, so I used them after my pendants were baked. 

Pendants with a symmetry of 4 divisions

Not too shabby for my first time playing around with the radial marking stamps and the PanPastels. Next, I got a little bold and decided to use the PanPastels before the baking in combination with the mica powders. I really have to say, the colors are more striking when you apply these pastels before baking them. 

Connected the pendants with wire to make a necklace

And here, I decided to wrap some beads on the wire

So, which version do you like: without beads or with the beads? I love beads, so I like them with the beads. I think they make the colors in the pendants pop with the added little color from the beads

And for my last try with the radial marking stamps: I made one of Barbara's Pixie Flowers, since I still have quite a bit of my face cane left from a class that I took from her several years back. 

Now all I have to do is put a pin backing on this Pixie Flower and show it off! It has been a fun week and I will be including these creations for my week #7 of the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge. Next on my work table is to come up with a design for the Dry Gulch February Color Challenge. It is down to the wire, I have a week to get it done...wish me luck! 

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  1. Not sure I'd use the ultra light, but those radial marking stamps sound right up my alley, Lupe :)

    I agree, those vibrant colours rendered by baking the Pan Pastels are outstanding, and I think those chalks are also going on my wish list!

    Did your GYB winner get her goodies yet? She will be thrilled with them, I'm sure :) My winner is in France, so it will probably be at least 10-14 days before I know if the parcel is safely arrived :)

    1. I will have to wear this to see how the UlraLight holds up. I have had another PC artist tell me that it just doesn't hold up for her. I guess time will tell. You will like those Pan Pastels, they are becoming my favorite! I just ordered the metallic ones! :) My GYB winner has not yet received my goodies. Just got processed in LA, so from there it heads to her place. Sure takes awhile...she is in Ontario, Canada. Well, they did say about 7-10 days. Thanks for commenting! :)