Friday, February 27, 2015

A Resin Kind of Day

Such beautiful weather here in the Phoenix area. It has been in the seventies most of the week and looks like we are in for some rain this weekend. It certainly has been a beautiful day to cover some of my polymer clay pendants with some resin (Magic-Glos). Most of these pendants were created with the toner transfer method.

A gift for my sister...her famous excuse for being late!

This was a round digital image which I trimmed to fit this pendant shape.

A tattoo transfer onto polymer clay...sometimes you can get just right crackle.

Black and White toner transfer with some silk screened PC.
Just playing around...

And of course it would not be complete without creating some earrings to go with the black and white pendant.

I am including all these pendants for my Week #8 of the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge. Well, I hope you all enjoy your weekend! Time for me to clean up my studio! 

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Color Design Challenge Entry: Bubblicious

I just participated in another fun challenge: Dry Gulch's February Color Design Challenge.  Here is the color palette we had to work with: Pink Scooped 

And here are the polymer clay colors that I mixed for this challenge:

I made a flower petal cane out of polymer clay and a jellyroll polymer clay cane using these colors which I used for making my own polymer clay beads for this piece.

I used a texture, a stamp, Pan Pastels, jump rings, and a filigree to make the focal piece. I added some ribbon and strung my polymer clay beads to make the necklace. The flower petal cane came in handy for creating the earrings. I enjoy playing with color which is why I love playing with polymer clay. It is quite a challenge to photograph color challenges because depending on the light that you use, the colors don't always look the same. Plus, colors tend to change a little after you bake the polymer clay. This is the best that I could do in capturing the colors. I titled my piece Bubblicious because this color reminds me of bubblegum.


This was fun...looking forward to the next color challenge! 

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Radial Symmetry and Ultralight Polymer Clay

Sculpey UltraLight polymer clay is so versatile just like regular clay but it is so lightweight that you can use it for large beads, molds, and impressions. It comes in 8 oz. bags and is super fluffy like marshmallows but becomes hard after you bake it. You still need to condition it a little but you don't need a pasta machine to condition it which makes it so much easier to work with.

Barbara McGuire has come up with some Radial Marking Stamps for those of us who have problems locating the center of circle or love radial symmetry. She has radial marking stamps with various divisions ranging from 9 through 14 (Peace of the Pie Radial Marking Stamp) which is the one that I bought from her store...what a great tool! She has an Etsy store (Altered Art Source) as well as a Yahoo here to get to her Yahoo store. Barbara was generous...she posted a YouTube video on using her Radial Marking Stamps. You can click here to view the video using her Radial Marking Stamps...and click here for the video with the UltraLight polymer clay where she was as a guest instructor on Jewelry Television (Jewel School with Kim and Sheree 1/26/15).

For my first try, I made these pendants. I used mica powders, paint, and the PanPastels. This was my first time using the PanPastels and they come in array of colors. I could not remember if I had to use the PanPastels before baking, so I used them after my pendants were baked. 

Pendants with a symmetry of 4 divisions

Not too shabby for my first time playing around with the radial marking stamps and the PanPastels. Next, I got a little bold and decided to use the PanPastels before the baking in combination with the mica powders. I really have to say, the colors are more striking when you apply these pastels before baking them. 

Connected the pendants with wire to make a necklace

And here, I decided to wrap some beads on the wire

So, which version do you like: without beads or with the beads? I love beads, so I like them with the beads. I think they make the colors in the pendants pop with the added little color from the beads

And for my last try with the radial marking stamps: I made one of Barbara's Pixie Flowers, since I still have quite a bit of my face cane left from a class that I took from her several years back. 

Now all I have to do is put a pin backing on this Pixie Flower and show it off! It has been a fun week and I will be including these creations for my week #7 of the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge. Next on my work table is to come up with a design for the Dry Gulch February Color Challenge. It is down to the wire, I have a week to get it done...wish me luck! 

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Winner of the Grow Your Blog Party Giveaway

This 2015 Grow Your Blog Party has been so much fun and I have made some new friends! As promised, I do have a giveaway for people who commented on my blog. My hubby was nice and helped me pick out the winner today...the old fashioned way of picking names from the bowl. So the winner of my giveaway will have to thank him for picking the winner!

And the winner of my giveaway is:  Mary Anne (MA) from Magpies Mumblings (Ontario, Canada). Congratulations, MA!! Mary Anne creates some amazing crazy quilts and awesome quilt purses! I am hoping that she will be able use some of the extra goodies that I am including in my giveaway for some of her creations. I will be sending Mary Anne her goodies once she replies to my email and sends me her snail mail address.

Giveaway Necklace


Thank you all who stopped by my blog to say hello and to check out my blog! Many thanks, Vicki (2 Bags Full) for hosting this awesome party and for all the wonderful volunteers that made this party so much fun!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have been busy this week creating some last minute items for Valentine's Day. I decided to give mixed media a try this week. Molly Alexander from Beautifully Broken Me had a wonderful Sweet Heart Painting tutorial on her blog the end of January which I wanted to try out.  Molly creates some beautiful jewelry and also does some beautiful mosaic and mixed media art. She is quite the talented artist! Molly's directions were easy to follow, only I used different colored paints. I wanted to make two plaques for my two daughters for Valentine's Day. Since they are into the color grey right now for interiors, I decided to go with that color. Here is one of my plaques. The other is pretty similar, only the center of the heart has a different design.

Even though I sanded some of the paint off, it still was a little dark. I'd say for my first mixed media, I think I did okay. Next time, I will try and go with a lighter color. I made the small polymer clay heart to go on my mixed media project which was done with a toner transfer. Here are a few others that I made this week.

And since I was on a roll, I decided to make some buttons to include in my giveaway on Feb. 15th (Grow Your Blog Party)I have made quite a few friends who work with textiles (quilting, needlepoint, and embroidery) through this party. 

I also worked on Randee Ketzel's Crazy Heart Polymer Clay Tutorial (RMKDesign).  I never get tired of playing around with this much fun!  My week has been busy, so I am including all these creations for my Week #6 on KatersAcres 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge.

I also figured out that some of leftovers from this tutorial really make some colorful beads. These beads are going to Beads of Courage Program.  Can you pick out the ones that I made using the leftovers from Randee's tutorial from this bunch? I still have a few more beads to sand and buff.

Well, I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day! I am going to spend it with my grandchildren and my hubby. I think a trip to the park will be on the list of things to do followed by decorating some cupcakes! 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Getting Ready For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I have been trying to figure out what to make for my beautiful grandchildren for Valentine's Day. I absolutely adore my grandchildren and I love all the creations that they make for me throughout the year. Recently, I came across a short tutorial on the Polyform Sculpey website for a Valentine Sweet Treat Jar which I thought would be great to make for them this year. Plus, I thought this would be a good project for my week #5 on KatersAcres 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge. I will be filling this jar with mints because they love mints. 

I decorated both sides of the heart on the lid which I am glad that I did, because I didn't take into account when screwing the lid on the jar, which side was going to face the front. I also came across crushed velvet (doodlebug design inc.) at a scrapbooking store last weekend which I wanted to try out on polymer clay. This fluffy stuff can be used on paper which gives the appearance of crushed, why not use it on baked polymer clay. I applied it to the border of the heart and the edges of the four red hearts on the lid. You apply it with glue just as you would with glitter and you can find an assortment of colors in this crushed velvet.

I sure hope they love it. I know that my daughter will love it since she loves making homemade items. I wasn't sure if she was ever going to be crafty but after having kids, she has surprised me. She is crafty like her mom! My daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren made me this handmade clock for Mother's Day last year which is on the wall of my studio.

My grandchildren: Ella and Chase

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