Friday, January 30, 2015

Some Marbling with Polymer Clay

First, I just wanted to say if you came to my blog today because you are participating in the "Grow Your Blog Party", you can click here and it will take you to the party!

Besides participating in a blog party, I have been busy working with Lynda Moseley's Controlled Marbling Technique Using Scrap Clay.  I purchased it awhile ago and just never had enough time to play around with this tutorial. My problem is that I love tutorials but frequently do not have the funds to buy the necessary materials needed for the tutorials. Sometimes, I will substitute for the things that I do not have on hand. I love Lynda's polymer clay creations, they are just stunning. Here is a photo of her tutorial with her beautiful work!

 Divas Designs Controlled Marbling Technique Using Scrap Clay

Now Lynda just so happens to be the "queen of finishing" when it comes to polymer clay. Everything she does in polymer clay is exquisite! Not only that, her tutorials are affordable with great instructions that are easy to understand and are loaded with photos! 

As I said before, as usual I did not have all the supplies for this tutorial but I did have a boat load scrap clay which is always the case for me. I managed to get a few creations from my scrap clay and ended up making some Skinner blends to match the marbling sheets of polymer clay. My first attempt, I think I had a little too much green scrap clay in the marbling but it still came out nice. I am still playing around with colors. Some of the colors in the marbling gave these earrings a copper tone, so I decided to add some more copper to them (copper filigree and copper ear wire). 

My second attempt proved to be quite a beauty! I think this one by far is my favorite! I added some Premo Pearl Red clay to the marbling.

It has such a shine that it picked up something
on the left side of the photograph, 
(left side of the pendant) probably the light in my studio. 

I made two sets of earrings with the 
marbling effect flowing both vertical and horizontal.

My last piece, was an experiment since this is a controlled marbling technique. I wanted to see if I could go a little further on the marbling to see what the outcome would be. Well, I lost some of the marbling effect but it is certainly turned out pretty too! I will have to say, that you really must sand and buff to really see the beautiful marbling effect in the polymer clay using this technique.

I used her stamps for the shapes of these pendants & earrings.
You can click here to see an illustration on how to use them.

My PC buddies who know me well, know that I love to sand and buff the majority of my creations. All my creations for this tutorial were sanded, and buffed with a little Renaissance wax for a beautiful shine! I really love this tutorial because there is such a wide variation when it comes to the marbling effects! I look forward to playing around with more color blends using this technique...just have to come out with more ideas for pendants and earrings! 

These polymer clay creations also filled my I am also counting them as my challenge for week 4 in KatersAcres 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge.

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a great day!!


  1. You outdid yourself girlfriend. Those are absolutely stunning. Lynda is going to be so proud when she sees those. I think you should put them on FB. You will probably sell them in a shot. WOW is all I have left to say.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comments, Bonnie! :) I would like to post them on FB, just not sure if I would get any buyers plus I still haven't figured out how much to sell them for since I am a little rusty in that neighborhood. I haven't sold anything in quite a while since I closed my ArtFire and Etsy shop. I would like to help out my friends who are missionaries in Kenya, so hoping most of the money from sales would go to that this year. I did email, Lynda to show her my results with the tutorial...she was happy! :) I thought I would include a link to her shop here as well as on Katers Acres where I posted my week #4 Challenge.

  2. These are absolutely stunning!!!

  3. My favorites are your experimental version, which I'm sure Lynda would approve of, too ;)

  4. oh my goodness these are all so beautiful. What wonderful work.