Thursday, January 22, 2015

Rascal the Raccoon

This week became a dual challenge for me. PCA Virtual Retreat's class this week happened to be with the wonderful Katie Oskin from Kater's Acres. This was also my week 3 on Katie's 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge. So I decided for my week three I would show off my little Rascal Raccoon that I created in the retreat. I like using an image or photo when sculpting since I am a beginner at it and a visual person as well. I didn't want my raccoon looking identical to Katie's, so I decided to sketch my raccoon first. I am not a sketch artist but I try. Here is a drawing of my raccoon.

Katie gave us two videos on sculpting this little guy. One was for a regular figurine and the other an articulated raccoon. I thought the articulated one would be fun to make. Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I thought my raccoon should be holding a heart.

I mixed a blend with Premo Clays: black, white, silver, and raw sienna for the body of the raccoon. I followed Katie's great instructions (she also had written instructions as well) in making the body of the raccoon. Overall, I think I am happy with this little raccoon figurine. I think I will try making another one, just because this was fun!

If you get a chance head over to Kater's Acres and check out her adorable Parker figurines and other great tutorials on sculpting and tips on polymer clay. You can also join her Parker's Clayful Tutorial Club or sign up for a free newsletter (polymer clay tutorials, projects, tips and more). 

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  1. Ah so cute, Lupe... glad I checked my feed again before hitting the sack LOL You did an awesome job!