Wednesday, October 1, 2014

AZPCG Annual Polymer Clay Retreat in the Pines

So good to be back after a long break. I thought I would share some photos of our annual AZPCG retreat up in Prescott, Arizona from this past weekend. What fun and this year we had a celebrity who joined us, Syndee Holt. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to polymer clay. It was nice getting to know her. Syndee showed us on the first day of camp how to make a polymer clay bangle using a blank cuff. She made it look very easy. Great timing since one our challenges at camp was a Round Robbin Cuff Bracelet. Here are a few photos of Syndee showing us how to make a bangle.

Syndee Holt showing us how to use the bracelet cuff

Our Show and Tell table with
some of cuff bracelets and other creations...ignore the spider

Other demos consisted of resin application on beads, silk screening (taught by Syndee Holt), faux PC embroidery, scrappy bracelets, and warrior women (mixed media challenge). 

Jennifer Wittick, our vice-president showing us how to measure the resin

Silk screening on polymer clay (Syndee)

Marlene Brady showing us faux embroidery on polymer clay

Michele Norine showing us how to make the Scrappy bracelets

Kat Dickson showing us how to make our own Warrior Woman

Kat's newest Warrior Woman

I wanted to work on creating my own Warrior Woman but got tied up finishing my bracelet cuff and 8 scrappy bracelet links for the swap. I plan on hopefully working on one before our next guild meeting. 

I had two great challenges during this retreat the Round Robin Bangle and the Scrappy Bracelet Swap. The Scrappy Bracelet swap was easier but it was detailed work considering you are working with tiny bits of scrap clay. The Round Robin Bangle challenge was a little tougher. Whatever one added to the bangle had to go along with what was previously placed on the bangle. So the first person pretty much set the tone for what was going to be added next to the bangle. There were 3 gals in my group. I managed to bake the first bangle and burned it on the top (for some reason our ovens kept spiking this time around at retreat...someone even started a fire in my own little oven, which I had to trash after retreat). So, then I had to repair that bangle which was challenging in itself. 

Center front is my bangle and the back cuff is one in which I added the centerpiece on the cuff

This is the bangle that I scorched...not quite a full heart but still looks gorgeous! My work is the purple and yellow flower to the right of the heart piece, bright green leaves and a small trim which you can't see in this photo because it is to right of that purple and yellow flower. The oven scorched part of the heart, so I cut it off and replaced it with more black clay.

So see, things can be repaired with polymer clay...nothing goes to waste!  Great fun we all had...fresh pines, fresh air, good food, and great company! 

I had not realized it has been close to 6 months that I have been away from blogging. I have missed it! We placed my father-in-law in a Alzheimer's unit, replaced an old computer and moved 3 households...very busy six months!  I am still trying to get on my flickr account so I can update it because we lost some stuff when we updated computers. I hope I don't have to start a new account. Wish me luck because it looks like I have two accounts now...hmmm.

Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome day!