Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Not Just Playing With Color...Smashing Color With Polymer Clay

I'm finally back in my studio and finishing up some projects that were again at a standstill, which happens to be my life these days. So, now I am trying to catch up again.

In January, I was fortunate to take a class with Maggie Maggio on "Smashing Color". It was two wonderful days of color theory! I learned a lot and so did our guild members. We were told to bring in lots of color swatches, and magazine pictures with variety of colors. So, day one's assignment was making a collage of color. We learned a lot about color theory on the first day...I was like a sponge taking it all in!

My color collage: 

Next we played with polymer clay and made skinner blends. Our assignment for the second day was to make canes with our skinner blends...a flower cane and a leaf cane.

I am sorry, but I forgot to take a photo of my skinner blends but you can view them along with all the guild's (AZPCG) work on Maggie Maggio's Pinterest page...click here to view. You will see my skinner blends on that page and you can see what I made using those blends from the photo up above on my post (my skinner blends are at the bottom of  Maggie's page). 

Here are my finished flower canes after the final assembly and what I created with one of the canes.

It was so much fun playing and smashing color!! If you ever get a chance to take a class with Maggie Maggio, please do it...such a wealth of information and it such a neat way to look at color! 

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!