Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Other Uses for Polymer Clay Inros

I am finally getting back to my projects after two emotional months with a very sick dog. My Trisha girl finally took her last walk Saturday, November 30th and is now playing and running at Rainbow Bridge. It was a tough 2 months of seeing cancer take the best of a loving family member. I will miss her being underfoot and keeping me company in the kitchen. It is always painful and difficult when you lose a furry member of the family especially when you have to make that final decision of letting them go. Chemo was out of the question because it was in her mouth and she could have lost her upper jaw from the radiation. She was the best dog ever! 


My studio was left a mess for two months with projects unfinished while I took care of her. This week, I finally got back to them. I finally finished two other Inros on my table and have a couple more still waiting to be finished plus some gifts that I need to make for Christmas. I have been wanting to create an inro in a Christian theme for holding memory verses. This is my first one in that theme, finally completed!  I am hoping to sell them so I can raise money for missions.

This is another Inro finally completed...oriental theme.

I love creating Inros and they sure take me some time to make but the end result always amazes me! Plus, they make nice vessels to keep photos, momentos, and scriptures! 

Well, I have three new tutorials to try out...getting to them later this week! The weather will be perfect...nice and chilly, for Arizona. Hoping I will get around to blogging about them soon because the holidays are upon us. They certainly snuck up on me this year! 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!