Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pendants 4 A Good Cause

I have been finishing up some last minute inspirational pendants to donate to a good cause, a woman's shelter for battered women. I made a few more to add to the batch that we all made up at our guild retreat.

Image transfer with Magic Glos

Butterfly pendant with a rub-on inspired by Tina Holden's Batik and Shimmer Technique

Cross with metal leafing using Penni Jo's Best Flexible Molds and Magic Glos

Image Transfer with Magic Glos

Now time to clean up my studio and get ready for my next workshop (Oct. 26th) sponsored by our guild (AZPCG) with the lovely Sarah Shriver. We will be learning all about polymer clay Kaleidoscope canes...can't wait!

Looking forward in sharing what we all create in this workshop!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Another PC Inro and Some Photos from AZPCG Fall Retreat

Finally back after MIA for a couple of months, but I do have a lot to share with you all as well. After August rolled by, I realized that I had to put my foot to the pedal and get those retreat badges done and all the goody bags done. I totally forgot to take pictures of all the goody bags that my friend, Idelle and I managed to get in her van for our AZPCG Fall Retreat up in Prescott, Arizona. We ended up having 26 members attend our annual fall retreat which was held at the end of September. The weather was perfect and the claying much fun, and of course so much FOOD! Here are a few photos from our retreat, and boy did we have some fun demos! 

I think just about every member donated a cane so Amy Gebhardt could show some of our newest members how to make a Kaleidoscope cane and reduce it. As you can see from the pictures above, a few of us volunteered to give Amy a break from reducing this huge cane. We all were able to get a slice off this big cane...what a wonderful keepsake! Lot's of great demos: from Faux Ivory, Twisted Cane, Hollow Puff Bead, Finishing, Bead Shapes (shark tooth), to Basket weaving! Our Vice-President, Dara Meunier put together these awesome door prizes!! Many of the items were donated by some of our favorite polymer clay companies and other jewelry supply companies. We even had some members donate items and handmade items to both the goody bags and door prizes. It was a win, win, win for everyone involved!! Good thing Rio Grande donated some wonderful canvas bags to hold all the goodies from our retreat! 

We also had a challenge as well: Inspirational Pendants for a women's shelter for battered women. Here are a few photos that I managed to take. By this time, my camera was acting up which is usual. My friend, Idelle took photos of all the pendants as glad that she took additional pictures.  

The two pendants that I made are at the top right and bottom left. My top right (the Mokume gane cross) won in the challenge to my surprise, because there were so many beautiful pendants. These are just a few of them...won't the ladies be happy to unwrap these at Christmas! I received a boat load of gift cards from this challenge which I am still trying to spend...very extravagant prize that I am tempted to make a few more inspirational pendants for this good cause. 

During the retreat, I was able to view a VHS tape of Gwen Gibson's beautiful Inros. She will certainly be missed in our polymer clay community. It was so sad to hear of her passing, but I rejoice that she is not suffering anymore. As you know, I have been on this kick concerning polymer clay Inros. I have been looking for other tutorials and trying to decide which one I like the most. I really love Gwen's tutorials on Inros. All I needed was a little nudge from a fellow PC buddy, Michele Norine. Michele has a way of tackling things. She has showed me some great avenues, so thank you, Michele!! This black and gold Inro was one of three that I started up at camp. I am still working on the other two. This one just came together it when that happens! 

Here are my other two Inros waiting to get finished...

I almost forgot to show you all some of the badges that I made for the campers.

I was finally able to use a face cane that I made in a Barbara McGuire's Face Cane Workshop a year ago! Even though, these took a lot of work (and one time I questioned myself why I decided to make these), all it took was one smile from my fellow PC buddies and I knew I had made the right decision in making them!! 

I always look forward to this time of year, our Fall PC many great memories and loads of PC fun and friendships! I am so blessed! 

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