Friday, August 16, 2013

Polymer Clay Fun

I have been having fun with polymer clay lately. I wasn't able to tackle the polymer clay Inros in my last challenge...gave it several tries and decided to put that on the shelf for a month. Thank goodness, I didn't give up on it. I had a clay day with a couple of my clay buddies from our guild and gave it another try. Sometimes, it is nice to see first hand how another artist attempts a similar project. Even though, I do well well with written instructions, I tend to be a visual learner. One of our newest members from our guild, Michele Norine came over to show me how she did a polymer clay Inro. There are several tutorials out there on the web, polymer clay books, and DVD's. We discussed the different ones and what worked for her. In the long run, I went back to the one that I was using and gave it another try. Sometimes when you work on a project with another artist, your creativity sparks...probably because you can bounce ideas back and forth. I used one of Donna Kato's instructions for making a polymer clay Inro. Here is my first Inro.

I used some of Penni Jo's Best Flexible Molds for the tiny dragonfly and flowers. The back side of the Inro has a small hummingbird with flowers. It took me a some time to sand this but it really shines!

My next project was to make a cat pendant for my neighbor. Her husband repairs appliances and if I have problems with any of my appliances, he comes over and fixes them for me. He only charges for the parts...what a nice neighbor!  I learned a fun technique from my clay buddy, Michele Norine. She has a new tutorial listed on her Etsy studio...Stamp Cut and Paste on Polymer Clay. So, this is my cat necklace that I created using her technique. 

I added resin on the pendant so show off the blue/purple clay that I used in the stamp, cut and paste method. And for a final touch, I added some rub ons which I purchased from the lovely Cat Kerr (In the Light of Moon). Cat has a nice collection of rub ons and they work so well with resin can click here for her Etsy store.

I have to say that projects are taking me a little longer to get done these days. We were finally able to get my father-in-law in hospice care. He is still residing with us, but hospice comes in and helps us out. It is nice to get additional help, but I do have to be around for all the visits. I am thankful that I have a hobby that I love...polymer clay has been my life-saver! 

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day! 


  1. Yes, thank goodness for having a hobby that keeps us centered, Lupe! Your neighbors deserve a nice handmade gift... that kitty is a perfect choice. I saw that kitty face on Bonnie's blog, too. Is that one of Michele's stamps? Does she sell them anywhere?

    1. Thank you for your comment, Monique! Actually the texture mat is not Michele's. It is made by Mayco and can be bought anywhere they sell texture mats for polymer clay or metal clay. I don't always see the cat one, but you can check this link out, they have quite a few.

  2. Lupe, you do such lovely and detailed work. The delicate Inro and cat piece are very special. Glad that you were able to get hospice care for your father-in-law and sending good thoughts to you all in that challenging situation.