Monday, February 18, 2013

Busy with Swaps Part 1

I have been really busy this month with a couple of swaps: Tina Holden's Heart and Texture Sheet Swap (Polymer Clay Swaps on Facebook). I am still waiting on my texture sheet and heart from my partner so, that will be Part 2 of this post...should be in my hands sometime this week! The next swap was a cane swap through our guild (AZPCG). I also got sick with a cold in between doing both swaps, so I really worked hard the week that the canes were due. I had to make a total of 11 and I even made an extra one just in case. Here are the canes that I created. I started making pendants of the canes that I made for the swap, but I quickly had to change my plans since I ran out of time. So, I ended up taking a slice of the cane and baking it. Some of these canes were inspired by different artists (free tutorials). You can click on the names for the links.

Tuto Cane Vermicelle  (Inclusion Cane)

Triangle Pattern Cane (A couple different variations)

Several different canes: Zipper Cane, Square cane (using different colors instead of gold and copper), Kaleidoscope Cane

My packaging for the canes

Now these are the canes that I received from our cane swap.

I was very happy with the canes that I received. We have artists in all different levels in caning and everyone did a marvelous job!!  Now I have to start thinking of ways to use these beautiful canes.  Swaps are so much fun, they challenge you and when you receive them it is like Christmas day all over again! 

Well, I'd better go...tons of stuff on my work table. I also have a Bead Soup that I have to start working on. I will post the picture of the bead soup that I received from my talented partner next time. 

Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome day! 


  1. Wow, beautiful canes! You did an awesome job. I love your packaging too!

  2. Lupe, you are a true master of caning. So intricate and gorgeous! Lucky swap paricipants!