Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Beginnings

Gosh, it has been a long time! Life gets entirely too busy sometimes, sure was for me before the holidays arrived. I became a grandma again...a little grandson this time around! He is precious and arrived later than his due date. We were all hoping he would arrive before Thanksgiving by Chase Christopher had other plans and arrived the end of November. My daughter decided this time around to have a home birth rather than be separated from her daughter at the hospital. It was such a great experience! Though shortly after, Chase had his first visit to the ER because the circumcision turned out to be a problem after his visit to the pediatrician's office. Poor little guy, but he is fine now. So, needless to say, I was pretty busy babysitting and helping out with the housecleaning for several weeks till my daughter didn't need my services anymore. Then the holidays hit and I hosted three parties at my home, one to celebrate my son's new employment, Christmas Eve Dinner, Christmas Dinner, and New Year's dinner. So, yeah, I put on some pounds over the holidays.

So now that I filled you in on all my past activities, I can tell you about some fun stuff that I've just started working on. Recently, I received the newest polymer clay book (#1 on Amazon book list for Polymer Clay), "Polymer Clay Master Class" by Judy Belcher and Tamara Honaman, Exploring Process, Technique, and Collaboration with 11 Master Artists. I can see why this book is very popular, so many wonderful projects!
I had some leftover clay from a previous project that I worked on, so I decided to try Sandra McCaw's partially mixed Skinner blend technique, although she made earrings in the book. I used the pattern to make a heart pendant since Valentine's Day is just around the corner.

I can see that this book will keep me busy all year long! I have already made a list of things that I want to try out this year. I usually set some goals during the beginning of the year, like what classes I would like to take (if the funds are available) and tutorials that I want to try out during the year as well. And I usually just don't stick to just polymer clay. Just before the holidays, I purchased a video instruction class featuring my dear friend, Cat Kerr, "Inspirational Pendants". I am almost done with the class but the weather here has been colder than normal so, I postponed it a little till the weather warms up. Since, there are chemicals involved with this class, I usually work in our metal barn. I have a nice work space just for that but too cold to be out there and no heater. I would never make it out in the east coast! Here is what I have so far done from the class. I have to re-apply the ICE Resin because it began peeling away from the metal. This is my first time using this product. It works a little different than the one I am used to, but I am having fun with it and the class. 

Etched and Patina applied

Resin applied with some rub ons

Resin applied with some rub-ons and saying

This last one is the one that gave me problems. When I went to re-drill the hole because some of the resin spilled into the hole, it lifted the resin up some. It finally peeled off, so looks like another application or two of the resin. I purchased Cat's kit especially for this class and it came with a lot of goodies, material, buttons, rub-ons, etc. I also plan to make my own polymer clay buttons and add a little PC flair to my creations. So that's as far as I have gone with that but planning to finish here soon. I will post those pictures when I am finished. 

So you are never too old to start something new! Etching on metal has been one thing that I have wanted to learn. Hopefully, this year will be full of new beginnings & new ideas. 

This is the year that I also plan to really focus on good health as well. I did have a little set-back in that I sprained my ankle at the gym last week, so no exercise this week also. But, I did start a new diet regimen called Dr. Fuhrman's, "Eat to Live".  Thankful, that Lorelei Eurto mentioned it on her blog but it was called 7-Day Crash Diet (Dr. Oz's show). I just dug a little deeper to find out what it was all about. Thankful to say, that I have lost a total of 6.8 lbs. so far (one week and no exercise). Definitely a change of lifestyle when it comes eating. A whole new way of looking at food!  

Well, hopefully, I didn't bore you with too many details! Please check out, Cat's blog (In the Light of the Moon), she has a new class coming up! 

Thanks for stopping by...have a super day!