Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Toner Transfer Images and Lacy Wire

I have been busy working on some new creations for a class that I will be teaching in a couple of weeks. It is going to be on toner transfers on polymer clay. I love digital images especially those that I acquire on Etsy. The colors are just beautiful. I will be teaching several ways of applying toner paper images on polymer clay from easy to more challenging. There are many tutorials out there for transferring images onto polymer clay as well as beautiful work done by many gifted polymer clay artists. I have practiced enough and have found ways that suit me well. I tend to be impatient sometimes, so majority of the time, I tend to go the easy route when it comes to transferring images. By transferring an image onto clay, one can create a beautiful pendant and even earrings if you happen to have two identical small images. Here are a few projects that I have completed:

"My Lovely Rose"
This image was transferred with water onto a sheet of polymer clay with a thin speckled gold leaf translucent sheet applied over the image before baking. A filigree sandwiched in between two sheets of clay and Magic Glos applied over the baked piece.

These identical transfers were rolled onto cylinder shaped polymer clay unbaked beads and then baked. I wanted them to look like firecrackers in the little tubes, if you get where I was going with the shape of these. I am not sure if you can see the number "4" (for the 4th of July) in red clearly since the image is rolled.  They are sealed with PYM II. Even though PYM II tends to be a little more expensive compared to other sealers, I find that it is the best and quick drying.

              Transfer Earrings for the 52 Pair of Earrings Challenge
These earrings were also done with the same transfer method and sealed with PYM II. The bird earrings are hollow beads.  I added wire and pearls to the daisy post earrings. I hammered an oval metal link and sandwiched it between two sheets of clay so that part of the link is exposed just as the filigree on the top photo. I used the lacy wire techniques to wrap the wire around the link. I purchased Lacy Wire Jewelry by Melody MacDuffee awhile ago and have just started using the techniques in the book this year. A wonderful buy and the directions are very easy to follow. I guess it always takes a challenge to start taking the books out! I love books and I tend to buy a lot of books that sometimes end up on the shelf...what can I say. I guess, I have them on my shelf so when I run out of ideas I have them available...silly me!

Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome day! 


  1. Those are really lovely pieces. ♥

  2. Lupe, You do such beautiful work! I especially admire your toner transfer rose with the beautiful Magic Glos finish.