Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Two More Pair of Earrings and A Cane Swap

I am happy to say that the earring challenge continues...two more done!  I am also participating in a cane swap for my guild. Now, I struggle with canework. I guess, I am too much in a hurry to put the dang thing together, which is my downfall. But, I thought it would be a good challenge for me since I am trying to participate in more challenges this year. I started with a Kaleidoscope cane (which is one of the easiest for me), but I didn't like how it looked put together at first. So, I was a little impatient and tried putting the whole thing together and ruined it. Luckily for me it is turning out to be a great scrap cane.
Here is the beginnings of my cane:

Now when I went to put it together, I lost some of the detail and just didn't like it as much. I tried arranging it before I reduced the triangles more and well, needless to say, it was difficult to reduce after that. I tried to salvage what I could but in the end it was a lost cause. Everything is a learning experience and practice makes "almost" perfect. So, I am back in the studio working on some more. I am working on some flower petals, and other canes this week. I need to have 11 canes done for the swap. If I can make a long one, I can probably fit two or three canes (3 inches long, quarter coin size), so far that hasn't happened for me.  If I don't get back to post for awhile, you will know why.
In the meantime, I managed to get these lovelies done for the 52 Pair of Earrings Challenge...see if you can tell what cane I used for one of the pairs of earrings (nothing goes to waste with polymer clay)...yup, my kaleidoscope cane. It made a nice swirl bead! Hahaha!

These earrings are hung with brass wire and rubber glass tubing. And the little filigree with the swarovski flat back crystals in the center swirl around too!  I finally came up with great way of hanging some of my earrings. I will definitely use this again!

This pair of earrings is from another cane that was too small...hate when that happens, but it has beautiful 18k gold specks in it. I finally was able to use these lovely czech flower petal beads! Yay!

Well, thanks for stopping by...always nice to share my ups and downs with somebody. Have an awesome day!