Monday, January 9, 2012

Last Day for Bead Soup Blog Party Signups!

Today is the last day to sign up for Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party!  If you haven't participated, you should give it a try. It is so much fun!  This time around, Lori is has changed the format a little, so go to her site to get all the details.

I signed up yesterday and hoping that I will be on the list, but if I am not, that is blog hopping and looking at all the beautiful creations! 

I didn't work on anything over the holidays. I came down with the cold right after Christmas, though I did receive some nice tools from my hubby.  Some great metal punchers and Vintaj BIGKick machine.  So looking foward to trying them out! Started off my year getting in shape. This is the year to concentrate on my health, so I had to get into a good routine before adding other stuff to my schedule.

I am also working on getting a few things up on my studio which I made awhile back ago but didn't sell. I also received a nice tutorial (Faux Bone and Ivory) from SCDiva which I am dying to try out...thinking it will be the first thing I dive into.  Now that my studio is clean and tidy, there should be no more excuses!

This is the cleanest that it has been in awhile (minus the dog's toy in the room...he leaves his toys everywhere)!  I am also waiting for some future Income Tax money in the spring so I can paint it. It used to be my son's old room and still has quite a bit of holes in the walls, but it suits me just fine for now. I am waiting patiently to take another larger room in my house after it is not occupied any longer...special things come to those who wait patiently.

Well, don't forget about the Bead Soup Blog Party signups! And thanks for stopping by my blog today and have an awesome day!


  1. Lupe I LOVE your work space! It has lots of light.

  2. Thank you coltpixy! I do get some nice light coming in and I can view my backyard during the day! The magnifying lamp is placed so I can swivel that around and use for my clay area too! The light that comes in also makes it easy to photograph my pieces.

  3. i love your craft room!it's looking really great! Oh and my dog leaves his toys everywhere too :-)