Monday, November 14, 2011

Face Cane Workshop

I had a blast this past weekend! I took a 2-day workshop with Barbara McGuire on Face Caning. I learn so much every time a take a class with Barbara. This is my second class with Barbara McGuire. The first one was on flower canes and dragonfly canes. I didn't realize how much went into a face cane. I learned so much about tinting, shading, forms, and reducing canes. Our guild (AZPCG) and two of our talented guild members hosted the workshop here in Phoenix. Here are a few pictures from our workshop.

Barbara explaining the process. First we worked on the eyes, then the lips, then the nose, and then the eyebrows and cheeks.

Here is Barbara's cane almost assembled.

These are the eyes and lips that I made.

My finished cane...ready to be reduced.

This is a slice off the end of the cane.

And this is my face finally reduced. I was very happy with the face that I made. I was so worried to cut into it after I reduced it, especially since I had to leave the workshop early on Sunday night and I finished it at home. Many thanks to Barbara who was super patient with all of us!

Well, thanks for stopping by to look at my face cane. Have an awesome day! 

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  1. Your face is awesome Lupe. I know how much work goes into making a face look like a face and not a gnarled mass of flesh clay. You must have had a blast and your cane will serve you well. Great face!