Wednesday, October 5, 2011

AZPCG 2011 Polymer in the Pines Retreat, Part I

Well, I am back from a great weekend in the pines. Unfortunately, I am still unpacking my polymer clay tools and nursing a sore lower back which could be due to sleeping in bunkbeds. That was probably the only downside of the whole trip. Our goody bags were a hit again especially since mostly all the goodies were handmade by each of our members. Some useful items were also donated to the bags as well. Here are some pictures.

We had this plastic bag with all these goodies in it. Some of the handmade items were neatly packaged.

Some of the smaller items: Key chain, brooches, pendants, and small tools.

A handmade item (flower pot)

A mini flexible mold donated by Penni Jo Couch (Best Flexible Molds).
 And a neat magnetic tool to pick up fallen blades. The magnets are at each end of the tool.

A carving hand tool

A cardholder and blade holder, plastic gloves, and wooden beads.

A Kumihimo necklace

Nice small containers for beads, findings, glitter, and a bar of Scupley clay.

A giant scraper with a nice PC covered handle.

A small mirror...this is the backside of it.

A PC covered box.

This handmade tool is for attaching your clay at the end to make a texture or type of a mold. I will have to demonstrate this later for you. A pretty neat tool to have.

As you can see we have some very talented artists in our guild. Please give me a few more days to unload the rest of my stuff and I will show you some of the highlights of our retreat and some creations that I made. I just had to show you all these first. A lot of work went into each of these items. We had several days of beautiful cool weather with one afternoon of rain!

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day!


  1. It sounds like so much fun! Hope your back is better soon.

  2. Wow Lupe it looks like this was one amazing time!!You said it.. a lot of love went into each and every item.Big Hugs,Cat