Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Necklace for a Special Lady

Recently, my hubby finally met up with his biological mom. She gave him up when he was a baby because she wasn't married at the time and in those days, well, you just didn't have a child out of wedlock. My hubby always wondered what his mom would be like and if he would ever get the chance to meet her. Two years ago, he finally had the chance. They were both excited to meet each other. His mom, Audrey, is eighty-six years old and never had another child. She was recently living in California but had a terrible fall where she received 3rd degree burns on her body. She could no longer live by herself, so my hubby moved her to Arizona. It has been really neat to see their relationship blossom since she has been here. Just when she needed someone, her son shows up out of the blue...how wonderful is God's grace and to come full circle!  It must be tough to be relocated and not have any of your belongings with you. My hubby packed all her things in storage till her house sells in California and we can get her into a retirement home. It has been fun looking at photos from her childhood to the present...so many similarities.  Hopefully this necklace will let her know how much I treasure her friendship too! 

I had some extra pieces from my Mokume Gane cane that I made for the paper clip swap which I used for this necklace. I also had these czech beads and metallic pearls...love it when the design comes together so quickly! She was pretty happy to have one of my creations...an original, created just for her!
Well, I probably won't be posting anything for awhile. I am headed out to see my folks for the weekend and when I return, I will be having knee surgery...two weeks on crutches! 
Take Care and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Lupe, what a heartwarming story with a wonderfully happy ending. I'm so happy for your husband that he was able to find and meet his biological mother after all of thee years. How nice that she lives nearby and is now a part of your lives.
    Your necklace is truly special - I love the design, symmetry, and length! I know it must look stunning when worn.

  2. Hi well I found you thru looking at some other blogs! I see Miss Cindy up there too. Ive read your story, it always seems to me that God so often times moves in the nick of time! But His time just the same. I see your a Christian? So am I. I think your polymer clay is great! I cant seem to nick with it, but you have a talent most definately!

  3. Hi Lupe...what a beautiful necklace and story.
    I'm sorry to hear about your surgery...hope you are all better.

    Thank you for leaving me a comment, how sweet. Looking forward to meeting you at AU.

  4. I wanted to cry with joy when I read your lovely post Lupe..You have a wonderful hubby and his heart is big big big!!I just know she will love the beautiful necklace you made for her.Hugs,Cat