Friday, June 17, 2011

Paper Clip Swap

I always look forward to our monthly guild meetings. Besides giving a demo this Saturday, I am also participating in a paper clip swap. There were only eight of us this time which made the project very easy to complete. I have never done a paper clip swap, so deciding what to put on the paper clip took some time. The first batch I did, I wasn't sure if they were too big, but I liked the idea of giving each of  the participating members a collector's item. I have dozens of stamps. My mother-in-law used to collect them. So, being the only daughter-in-law, she gave them to me. I store them in a box because I never got around to putting them in an album...perhaps some day I will. I have seen artists use stamps with clay. So, why not try them on the paper clips. Here is what I came up with...they may be a little big but they turned out great.

Since, I wasn't sure if these were the appropriate size, I decided to make another batch. I recently received Julie Picarello's new book with tons of ideas and techniques to use with Mokume Gane.

So, I took some of her techniques and put them to good use. These are a few that I created. I am thinking that the right ones look a little patriotic...just in time for the 4th of July!

These were slightly smaller that my first batch. Hopefully, the members will like them especially since they will be getting not one but two from me!

Well, enjoy your weekend and stay cool! It is hotter than hot here in sunny Arizona...please keep the people in the fire's path in your prayers...we still have 3 wildfires going!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Those are gorgeous, I can't wait. Great idea on the Julie Picarello thing. Isn't that book wonderful. It's like being in her class again.

  2. What a fun swap...sorry I missed it