Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lanyard Design Contest

This past week, I have working down to the wire trying to design a couple of lanyards for the ID Badge Lanyard Design Contestsponsored by  Thanks to my friend, Bonnie from Bleekreations who sent me an email mentioning the contest. She thought I should give it a try. The date for submitting entries closes on Friday, May, 13, 2011 and voting closes on Monday, May, 16, 2011.
I submitted two entries and I am asking friends and family to please vote for mine (either one). Last year I made lanyards for our guild, so I thought I would give this contest a try. There are many beautiful always, tough competition.  These are my entries. Please let me know what you think.

Bitter Oriental
This was a Lisa Pavelka water-slide transfer image on polymer clay. Now, I am not sure if the transfer water-slide image was old (could have been since I have had it for quite awhile), but when I added Lisa Pavelka's Magic Glos, the image crackled some underneath the resin after it was cured. I am not sure why that happened, but it made the image look glass-like.  I couldn't have planned it better. I was actually trying to go for a vintage look (originally thought about using a crackle medium on the pendant) and it certainly worked it!

 Cotton Eye Candy
These are polymer clay beads that I made using left-overs from a flower cane. I added some pink rhinestones to the polymer clay beads. I just thought the pink color really popped...reminded me of cotton candy. The Moonstone simulated stone-glass beads make it sparkle!

To vote, please click here and it will take you to the voting page. Only one of my lanyards (Bitter Oriental) is up on the voting page right now, so please give it another day before voting unless you like the Bitter Oriental instead of the Cotton Eye Candy. Thank you all very much for stopping by and most importantly for your vote! Have a great day! 


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