Friday, May 20, 2011

Birds, Birds, and Birds

My brain has been on birds and more birds lately. I made these really cute birdhouse beads a couple of weeks ago using Cindy Lietz tutorial on Birdhouses. She gives an easy demonstration on how to make I made a couple and added little bird beads to go with them and that would dangle from the birdhouse.

I didn't stop there, while cleaning my father-in-law's room, I came across some old jewelry that belonged to my mother-in-law.  Well, in the stash, were some bird pins. I thought they were cute and I liked the idea of the bird right on the birdhouse rather than dangling. So, I made two birdhouse pendants and made a necklace out of one of the pendants. A little different than Cindy's but using the same idea.

Next I played around with some digital images of birds and made some bird pendants using some metal bezels I bought at Michaels. I added a touch of glitter and covered them with Magic Glos. I think I will list these on my ArtFire studio.

And well, I didn't stop there either. I remembered that I had some digital images of birdhouses which I purchased off Etsy (Cemerony). I used two digital images and transfered them to a sheet of polymer clay and covered two sides of a small spice jar. This took a couple of days to make because I had to do it in stages...still not sure if I like the the suede cording around it. I recently picked up a book on I stamped away, added alcohol inks, mica powders and paint on polymer clay, and pieced them. I then applied them to the other two sides of the bottle.

Well, as you can see I did have birds on the brain for several weeks. I think it is good time to move on to something new, but I will probably be coming back to them again...soon.

As always, thanks for stopping by and have an awesome day!


  1. I love how bright they are! Beautiful!

  2. Super adorable! Your garden must be full of singing birds! Awesome job.

  3. garden is full of singing birds! Thank you ladies for your comments!

  4. We should get together and make bird houses. There must be something in the air.

    Your's are so cute with the birds hanging on the bottom.

    They are very tweet.