Monday, April 25, 2011

Salute to AZPCG and Polymer Clay Tutor!

Before I toot my own horn, I wanted to salute a few people that have given me much support and knowledge. First, if you don't belong to a guild, I suggest you look for one and join. The guild that I belong to, Arizona Polymer Clay Guild, has been a wealth of knowledge to me. We have many talented artists that belong to our guild. These are creations from some of the members. These members have been in the guild since before I joined. They have been an inspiration to me. Quite of few our members have been published in PolymerCafe.

                                                                       Bonnie Kreger   
                                                                         Pat Sernyk

                                                                       Judy Phillips

Marlene Brady

Cheri Oshinsky

Kathy Canuel
The next person that has given me inspiration is Cindy Lietz from Polymer Clay Tutor. Every week, Cindy comes out with a great video on a new technique that she has created (as well as color recipes). For those that are new to polymer, I would suggest you become a member of Polymer Clay Tutor. I have learned a lot from Cindy and continue to do so. She is talented, helpful and very supportive. I have also made a lot of friends on her website and members are quite helpful in sharing information about polymer clay.
Now for the good steampunk plaque made runner up in the May Steampunk Challenge in PolymerCafe!  This is my first time in this publication and it is due to the many polymer clay artists in my guild and Cindy who have supported me and inspired me. So, Thank You All! 

Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day!


  1. No need to thank me Lupe--you are a true artist in your own right and an inspiration to me. Thank you for the kind words and keep up the good work! -Marlene

  2. Lupe, thank you for putting pictures of my items on your blog. This is really nice. When it comes to inspiration you have done your share. We all love your jewelry and your clay items. It's been fun being with you in the guild too. You are delightful.

  3. Awesome steampunk!! And congrats!!

  4. How very thoughtful of you Lupe to include me in your list...And Congratulations on making the Polymer Café Steampunk Challenge short list. For all you deserve the recognition! Bravo!

  5. Hi Lupe, I know it is kinda late to the party, but I just found this today. Thank you so much for your kind words about our site. I have very much enjoyed your participation and the wonderful work you have created. Congratulations on being the runner up! You should be very proud! ~ Cindy