Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

Not only is it Good Friday...its Earth Day, a day that is designated to foster appreciation for our planet. There are many ways to participate and get involved, just check out the Earth Day Network. I wanted to see what little crafts I could come up with for Earth Day and came across this cute idea, "Bee Green" Earth Day Pins, on a website titled: Making Friends.  It is a great idea for scouts to earn a patch...that's if you have kids in scouts. I used to be a den mom and a girl scout leader years ago and we were always looking for ideas just like this one.  This is an neat way for everyone to remember to "Bee" Green...reduce, reuse, and recycle. Well, I changed the project a tad and made my pin out of polymer clay instead of some of the materials listed. And this is something I can wear on Earth Day!

The bee had to be green instead of the traditional yellow to symbolize Earth Day. I didn't have the tiny plastic letter beads, so I just made a bead and stamped it with the letters. I think I will go to Michaels tomorrow and buy some. I think the white would make the bee stand out a little bit more. Plus, I think I prefer the individual letters.
And since I am on the topic of recycling...while doing the bracelet blog hop, I came across an artist work that really amazed me. This artist/instructor is almost a neighbor of mine and I just came across her work...her name is Cory Celaya. She recycles a lot of bits and pieces and comes up with some awesome creations.  I even came across one of her older pieces in an past issue of Belle Armoire (Spring 2001 issue). I just rented this issue from our guild library, and low and behold one of Cory's beautiful creations was included in the "Salon" section!  I am hoping to meet up with Cory soon and learn more about mixed-media art techniques since it is something that I would like to incorporate in my creations. Here is a bracelet that she made for 7000 Bracelets for Hope.

You can also check out her blog, Art With Moxie, here. There is also a link to her Etsy store (Moxie Gallery, Jewelry and Art)  right on her blog or you can also click here for her link to her store.

Well, thanks for stopping by today. Have a fantastic day and don't forget to do something nice for our planet, pick up trash, plant a garden, or make a craft with recycled stuff...have fun!  And have yourself a safe and Happy Easter!  I also have some good news to share (already mentioned it on Facebook) but didn't want to make this a long I will mention it next week!

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  1. Oh my...thank you so much for mentioning my work and for leaving me such a lovely comment. I am honored and humbled. Lets meet up one day and and go "junking".

    Again, sweet of you.