Monday, April 4, 2011

Bracelet Blog Hop

Well, I just signed up for a Bracelet Blog Hop, "7000 Bracelets For Hope". The Bracelet Blog Hop is being hosted by Lori Anderson from Pretty Things.  All I need to do is create a bracelet in a denim blue-jean inspired theme. This Bracelet Blog Hop is similar to Lori's Bead Soup Blog. I have yet to participate in her Bead Soup Blog but I am planning to later this year. All the bracelets are sent to The Global Genes Project, which is an advocacy group who launched the "7000 Bracelets For Hope" (a campaign for children with rare diseases).  The bracelets are then given to one of 7000 families having children with rare diseases as a sign of love and support. If you would like to participate, I believe you still have till midnight, Tuesday, April 5th. You can go to Lori's blog to find all the details (the link is up above).


  1. What a wonderful idea Lupe!!Is that the bracelet you created?Its lovely!!Big Hugs,cAT

  2. No, it isn't the bracelet that I created. It was off the website. I will be posting my picture on Saturday...that is when the blog hop starts!

  3. Thanks so much for participating!