Friday, March 18, 2011

A New Technique and A New Addition

As I was getting ready for my next guild meeting, I realized that it has been almost a month since my last post...where did the month go?  Last time I posted I was finishing home construction which is almost done...not completely.

The stone work really adds to our house.

We still have the cool deck to repair around our pool and replanting to do. Constructions workers are careless when it comes to plants in the vicinity of their work. Plus we lost quite a few potted plants during the freeze.

I didn't get very much done in way of polymer clay during those weeks, but after construction was done, I was able to get back to my studio and get some creations done.  I finally had time to try one of Cindy Lietz's new tutorials: Aurora Technique (Northern Lights). This is actually the second time around for me in trying to recreate the beautiful colors of the Northern lights. The first technique I learned was with the help of Pat Sernyk...although it wasn't titled that...I thought the technique reminded me of the Northern lights, so that is what I called it.
I really had fun playing with this new technique. This technique is very simple and I love the array of colors and the shimmering look and feel to the clay after it is finished and buffed. Here are a few of the pendants that I made using this particular technique.

As you can see the colors are amazing. Next time I am going to try using pearl red clay.
Besides having a new addition to my house, we have an addition to our family. My granddaughter, Ella Grace McClung was born on March 13th at 1:52 am, measuring 18 1/2 inches and 6.7 lbs (one week early)! 

She is so precious! She has been a beautiful distraction for the past week. I have a few updated pictures but only have them on my Droid...still haven't figured how to download them to my computer. When I figure that out, I will post them here, otherwise you can check on my FaceBook page!  Well, back to my studio to finish packing up for our guild meeting. We are having a play clay day and work on beads for Beads of Courage. I have also been working on necklaces...hoping to use up some of my inventory...some are done with clay and some are not.  I just have way too much inventory and it has just been sitting there.
Thanks for stopping by...have an awesome day!


  1. Congratulations!! She is beautiful!

  2. Hi, Lupe! Congratualtions on the new grandbaby. She is gorgeous!

    I also wanted to let you know you are the winner of my April blog prize, the beautiful rose pendant created by my mother and me. If you will send me your mailing address, I will get it right out to you. You can convo me at my etsy shop,

    Congratulations again, and thanks for playing along this month!


  3. Congratulations! Also, congrats on winning the rose pendant! Your home is gorgeous! And your new pieces are beautiful! -marlene