Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Charms and a Baby Shower

Sorry that I haven't posted anything lately. I have been working on baby shower invitations and party favors, plus I am having major construction on my house...getting a new roof.  It is tough to be creative when half the popcorn from my popcorn ceiling is falling on my polymer clay, and on all my tools and workspace. But I did manage to come up with some small purse charms that will fit quite nicely in the party favor boxes that I made for my daughter's baby shower. Her nursery colors are a light purple, tan and little bit of pink with animal print. 
This is one of the party favor boxes.  I bought these little boxes at Hobby Lobby and glued the animal print around the outside. My sister came across these adorable stickers that fit perfectly for the top of the boxes and bought them for me. They will have some adorable little pink rattle and bows on top to secure them and keep them closed.

These are the little purse heart charms that I made out of polymer clay. I embellished them with glass beads. I used Cindy Lietz's tutorial on Polymer Clay Art sheets to make the little polymer clay hearts...a very fun tutorial.

We took a picture of my daughter's little tummy posing with her hubby while they made a small heart shape around her belly button...isn't that the cutest ever?  We included this picture in the invitations. I plan to fill the little party favor boxes with some MM's (in pink, red, and white) The MM's stand for her two last names:  McClung, her married name and Meter for her maiden name. Besides filling the boxes with the purse charms, I also plan to fill the little boxes with Sugar Babies and pink wrapped chocolate kisses. I can hardly wait till this weekend. Did I mention that this little girl will be my first grandchild? She is expected to arrive, Lord willing, on March 20th. I am so excited!


  1. Lupe, Great charms and gift box. You've thought of everything (including the MM"s). Wonderful hearted tummy picture! Lucky grandaughter to have chosen YOU as her grandmother. BTW Thanks for your kind works about my Arizona chili pepper.

  2. Those are adorable and I love the boxes. You must be really busy with all that going on.

    They should have baby showers for grandmas. Martinis and chips, it would be fun.

  3. Thanks ladies! You are so right, Bonnie...they should have baby showers for grandmas and with Martinis and chips sounds so good!